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Stan Laurel & Oliver Hardy

Non è che chi c’ha il pane non c’ha i denti.
Chi c’ha il pane non c’ha proprio fame.
Che è diverso.
Ed è peggio.

– La mia migliore amica (via cosipergioco)

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It’s a plastic world - English from It’s a plastic world on Vimeo.

It’s everywhere. We need and want it. We find it in places where we wouldn’t expect it. A world without plastic is inconceivable. But do we know the consequences of our self-indulgent plastic consumption? This film shows various problems associated with plastic and looks at possible solutions.

The making of: vimeo.com/100698319
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Production: Andreas Tanner (andix.ch)
Music and Sound Design: Alexander Rösch (facebook.com/darklobster)
English Voice: Thomas Lüthi
Webdesign: Malte Vollmerhausen

Subtitle translation:

French: Corinne Roy
Croatian: Marko Skenderović
Italian: Focus Magazine Italy
Spanish: Sarah Edelman
Portugese: Felipe F. Schnack
Hungarian: Adam Paloczi
Ukainian: Denis Seleznyov, Julia Kolesnik, Oleksandr Korzh
Chinese: Wan-Jou (Joyce) Lin

Inspired by the films Let’s Talk About Soil and Ending Overfishing


1946: In Diablo tunnel

“Diablo Dam is part of the Hydroelectric Project that supplies Seattle with a large proportion of its power needs. Work was begun in 1917 on a six-mile tunnel through Diablo Canyon and subsequent construction of a powerhouse. Work crews had to overcome extreme weather and mountain conditions, while Seattle City Light officials had to deal with politics and diplomacy. The dam was completed in 1930, and began generating electricity in 1936.“


What’s coming up on Swarm


Since we launched Swarm two months ago, it’s been growing really fast. Currently, about 75% of people who check in now do so on Swarm. It’s been pretty intense keeping up with the growth (Foursquare didn’t have that many users for a few years), and you guys have sent a ton of feedback, both to swarmfeedback@foursquare.com

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Pulp Fiction

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1926: Hitchcock directs!
Amanda July 16, 2014 1920-1929, TV & film

Alfred Hitchcock (in foreground, pointing) directing “The Mountain Eagle” (1926), a silent feature presumed lost.


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Protest calling for an end to Israeli aggression against Palestinians in London today

11th July, 2014.

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